Do Schools And Colleges Too Generate Medical Wastes?


If you consider this seriously, medical waste is generated from each and every residential or commercial space.

For instance, while they are generated in a large amount from the big healthcare centers such as hospitals, they may be generated in a very small amount from tattoo parlors and homes etc.

However, when people name any such waste generating centers, they may never include schools and colleges. Do they?

Well, did you know that schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes too generate a good amount of medical wastes?

Assessing Medical Wastes In Educational Institutes:

In terms of educational institutes, there are normally two kinds of contributors:

  • Small Contributors: The normal schools and colleges
  • Major Contributors: Medical schools and colleges which teach healthcare procedures, train students and use all kinds of medical products

The small contributors may generate only a small amount of the waste, but the major contributors may contribute hazardous wastes that could be more than that generated by healthcare centers.

How is this possible? Read along to know about this!

Healthcare Wastes From Medical Colleges:

Since medical colleges teach medical procedures, they may deal in a number of elements such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, immunology, microbiology, phlebotomy,and hematology etc.

Due to this, they generate not only the infectious agents and microorganisms as waste, but each end every kind of apparatus that is used to treat the humans or the animals.

The medical college wastes may include parts of the human body, animal body parts, tissues, blood, body fluids,and carcasses etc. These are the products on which the tests are performed.

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Besides, the apparatus used to perform the tests toocome out as medical wastes including the sharps wastes, syringes, needles, scalpels, lancets, knives, razors, disposable products, metallic and glass products etc.

Above all, there are dangerous chemicals, testing liquids, and used/unused solutions which too are counted as hazardous medical wastes.

Needless to mention, sinceall these elements are highly distinct in nature, they may need a separate container for their storage.

How To Manage The Waste:

Each and every kind of medical waste management, including disposal of sharps wastes is performed by expert and licensed waste management agencies.

These are the services that provide all kinds of waste discarding containers which could be used to store the wastes, differentiated according to the color codes.

Also, the agencies would pick up the filled medical waste containers, they transport it to the designated treatment or dumping site and dispose it off too.

Thus, any kind of waste generating center, including schools, colleges,and other educational institutes can consult an expert medical waste management organization such as ‘Secure Waste Inc.’ and get the best assistance in removal of waste they generate.


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